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At K&M Foods, it all begins with the importance of family memories. And the Goldberg family has many, starting with coming to America….

The Traditional Family Leaving his native Poland for a better life in the U.S., Kadysh Goldberg brought his family of four to Los Angeles in 1963. Like so many immigrants before him, he worked two jobs day and night—quickly winning recognition from his customers as the consummate professional butcher with the fast-disappearing skills and attitude of an old world artisan. Supplying the meat for such acclaimed restaurants as L'Ermitage, Kadysh decided to form his own company to meet the needs of highly trained European chefs in America. And so in 1971, he founded K&M Meat Company (named in honor of his partnership with his wife, Meri), and in the years that followed he grew his business into one of the industry's foremost restaurant service providers.